What woman really wants to be bulky?

Women often tell me they don’t want to look “bulky”.  A great way to not look “bulky” is to have shape in your body.  Having definition in your shoulders, biceps and lats makes a woman look lean and strong.  Here is one of my favorite upper body workouts for a sexy upper body.

First Exercise: 

Bench press 21’s

7/7/7 for 5 Sets.

Seven from chest to half way up and back down

Seven from the top to half way down and back up

Seven full range

Use just the bar for the first set.  Next set increase weight if you completed all the sets and reps.

Second Exercise: 

Tricep extensions

Five Sets of 10 Repetitions

Use 2, 15lbs Dumbbells or use 45lbs bar or 35lbs bar depending on strength.

Bring the bar or dumbbells to forehead then extend straight out set one.

Bring the bar to the nose and straight out set 2

Bring the bar to the chin set 3

Bring the bar to the throat set 4

Bring the bar to the clavicle (stop 4 inches before it touches the upper chest) set 5.

Use a weight you can do comfortably (or to completion) Use dumbbells or bar.

Third Exercise: 

Pull-ups or negative pull-ups.

Complete 5 reps then directly go into bent over row with 65lbs bar for 15 reps.

5 sets, rest 1 minute between sets

Fourth Exercise: 

Dumbbell hammer curls

5 sets of 20 reps

Use 15-25lbs Dumbbells

Rest 60sec between each

Total Workout Time: Approx 50 minutes