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THERE COMES A TIME in every man’s life where he thinks, This is it. This is my last chance to get it together and get back in shape again. And the longer I wait, the fatter I’ll get, and the harder it’ll be.


The good news is that the answer is finally available for you today.

All you need are the cutting-edge, high-intensity workouts in the new Men’s Health book MAXIMUS BODY to PACK ON SERIOUS MUSCLE AND SHED STUBBORN BELLY FAT faster than ever.


Product Description

THE FITNESS INDUSTRY IS FULL OF BALD-FACED LIES promising easy results in just minutes per day, and it’s tricked you into wasting hundreds — maybe even thousands — of dollars on these false promises. Supplements, cardio machines, and 4-minute workouts aren’t getting you ripped and muscular. And they’re not going to.

If you really want to get back in shape for your kids, your partner, your health, your performance, your self-respect, and your sex drive, then you need to make a real commitment, and you need to do the work. That’s what MAXIMUS BODY is all about.

Bobby Maximus, author of MAXIMUS BODY, is a former UFC® fighter and today is known as the world’s best body transformation coach, helping movie stars become superheroes and showing regular, everyday busy guys how to get fit, ripped, and muscular using his fast and effective workouts.


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