“Keep It Simple Stupid”


There are some days I just want to keep it simple. I love this workout for those days that I just want to have fun in the gym and not have to think too hard about the weight I should use.  This session works the upper and lower body, and also crushes the abs. The workout starts with 1 rep of movement 1.  After you finish that you do 2 reps of movement 2.  Then you go back and do one rep of movement one, then two reps of movement two, and three reps of movement 3. Then start back over at movement 1 and keep following the pattern (i.e. 4 reps of movement 4, 5 of 5, etc) as you move through the session.


Complete 1 pull-up.  Then complete 1 pull-up and 2 push-ups.  Then 1 pull-up, 2 push-ups, 3 toes-to-bar. Then 1 pull-up, 2 push-ups, 3 toes-to-bar, 4 burpees.  Then back to 1 and so on and so forth.  You can do this work out and time yourself and try again the following week with the goal being to complete it faster without sacrificing form.

1. Pull up

2. Push up

3. Toes-to-bar

4. Burpee

5. Goblet squat @ 20 kg

6. Strict press @ 2×15#

7. Box jump

8. Bent over row @ 65#

9. Atomic sit up

10. Split jumps

11. Push press @ 2×25#

12. Kettlebell swing @ 20kg

13. Calories on Row


30 minutes to 1 hour