Strength: Upper


General Warm Up

2×10 PVC Pipe pass through


25 Dumbbell Bench Press

25 Tricep Push Down

25 Face Pull (banded or cable)

This is dynamic for warm up. Use light weight

4 rounds

this should be done in 15 min


Floor Press

Work up to Heavy Floor press

10 @ 45 lb barbell or 2 x 15 lb dumbbell

8 @ 65 lb barbell or 2 x 20 lb dumbbell

6 @ 75 lb barbell or 2 x 25 lb dumbbell

4 @ 95 lb barbell or 2 x 30 lb dumbbell

2 @ 105 lb barbell or 2 x 35 lb dumbbell

Work singles until you can no longer lift.

*If you are unable to get to these weights listed above, take slower jumps or use the same weight for reps 8 and 6 then jump up heavier for 4 reps.  Make sure you do what you are capable of doing.


12 Skull Crushers.  You can use barbell or dumbbells.  Start off light and work your way up to a weight you are capable of doing 12 reps with.

4 sets.

Rest 60 seconds between sets.


20 Lat Pull-Downs. Use cable machine or bands and PVC pipe if you don’t have access to cable machine.

4 Sets

60 Sec Rest between sets.


10 Front Raise

10 Lateral Raise

10 Inverted Fly

Each movement is done in order with no rest. Use 2 x 5-10 lb dumbbells

60 Sec Rest between sets

3 Sets


8 Chin Ups

8 triangle Push-Ups (You can do these off a ball which I find to be easier on the wrists, and you can place the ball on box or bench if unable to do off the floor)


10/10 Alternating Bicep Curls @ 2 x 15-30 lbs.

30-60 Sec Rest between sets


Cool Down

10 Min Row @ >2:30/500 Pace (2,000 m in 10 min)