Upper body

dynamic warm up

20 Dumbbell Bench Press @ 2 x 15-20 lb dumbbell

20 Dumbbell Fly @ 2 x 10-15 lb dumbbell

20 Banded face pull

4 rounds

complete in 15 min


10-1 Ladder

Plank Pull


Reverse Fly

*If you can do Pull-Ups, do those instead of Plank Pull.

**Push-Ups should be done strict and no knees on the ground.  If you are unable to do that, raise your upper body up and do the Push-Ups off the bench

Reverse fly should be done with 15-25 lb dumbbells depending on fitness level.


10 Min Z press

Sit on floor with legs out in front of you and every 30 seconds complete 10 reps.  The faster you complete the 10 reps, the longer your rest will be.

beginner use 10 lb dumbbells

intermediate use 15 lb dumbbells or bella bar

advanced use barbell



Cool Down 10 min cardio.