Upper Body day

General warm up

20/20 single arm bent over row

20 Behind head tricep extension (coffee press)

20 Reverse fly

20 Push-up (do this on an incline so you can get 20 reps in a row)


Complete in 15 min


Strict Press 1 RM

Work up as you see fit but it should look something like this

10 @ 45 lbs

5  @ 65 lbs

3 @ 75 lbs

singles until you hit PR


Complete 3 reps x 8 sets at 75% of that 1 RM number

Rest 60 seconds between sets


8×8 Bent over row @ heavy weight.


8×8 KB Bench Press (use KB in place of dumbbells, this will make the movement a bit deeper and a little more challenging.  If you don’t have access to KB use dumbbells)

This means 8 reps 8 sets of movements.  Superset the bent over row and KB bench press.  That means you should be doing 8 reps with bent over row, then 8 reps on bench with KB.

Complete this with as little rest as possible.


100 knees to chest hanging from bar.  Make sure to have scapular retraction with this.


Cool Down