General Warm up (this can be 5-10 min cardiovascular work to get warm)


20 Cable lat pull (if you don’t have that, take a band and do lat pulls with the band)

20 Dumbbell bench press

20 banded tricep ext.

20 banded pull apart

60 sec Plank hold

4 x

Complete in 15 min


10-1 Ladder strict press with 45 lb bar.  This should be done for form.  Rest 30 sec between sets. *dont go up in weight


Work up to heavy bench press

Work up as you see fit, but it should look something like this:

10 @ 45 lb bar

5 @ 65 lb

2 @ 95 lb

Work singles until you hit pr


3 sets x 20 reps Skull crusher (you can use barbell or dumbbells)

Rest 60 sec between sets


3 sets x 20 reps  Seated cable lat pull (if you don’t have cable, do bent over row here)

Ultra wide grip here and pause at chest


Dirty 30

10 x skull crusher

10 x pull over

10 x press

Use EZ bar or neutral grip bar here.

the reps are all to be done consecutively (no rest between reps.  so 30 reps to be done without rest)

Go up each set

3 sets


10 Weighted knees to elbow.  You can use ankle weights or hold dumbbell or med ball between toes.

5 sets


Cool Down