General warm up @ easy cardiovascular activity


60 Min at RPE 8-9

This means Rate of Perceived Exertion, which is a quantitative measure of physical activity.  All this means is that you should feel like you are going really hard if you are trying to reach an 8 or 9.  If you are a HR person, think 185 BPM.

Then: Cool down 5-10 min


Why is 60 min cardio good for you? Keeping your body moving for 60 min helps build cardiovascular endurance. This helps keep your heart and body healthy.  It improves blood work, like HDL and LDL relation.  It is also helpful if you ever need to run away from a lion.  This is something that is essential for someone who is looking for general fitness.  If you are looking to be good at everything in the gym, from lifting weights to cardio, you can’t ignore the long (60-90 Min) work.