Am Jog.  Jog for 25 min upon waking up.  This can be treadmill, run outside, row on a rower, or biking (stationary/air or road)


Pm training

Interval training.

10 min general warm up on row or skierg (you can do this on air bike too) @ easy pace


Set rower for:

30 seconds row

90 seconds rest

Then start rowing at 125 M (beginner start at 120 meters)

Go up one meter each round.

Complete 5 Push up during 90 sec rest. If you can not do a push up on the ground, incline upper body on bench)

Each round go up 1 meter.

For example,

Round 1: 125 meters

Round 2: 126 meters

Round 3: 127 meters

Go up one meter each round.  Keep going until you can no longer get one more meter. Shoot for 15 rounds


Cool down 10 min cardio @ easy pace

**you can jog before this workout for 25 min if you can not get the jog in the am