Upper body day

General Warm up

5 Min cardiovascular work to get warm


20 dumbbell bench press

20 single arm bent over row (don’t go heavy)

20 JM Press (or skull crusher)

4 Rounds

Complete in 14-15 min


Work up to 1 RM Bench Press

Do this as you see fit, but it should looking something like this:

10 @ 45 lbs

5 @ 65 lbs

3 @ 95 lbs

Work singles until you hit 90%+


8 reps x 8 sets @ 70% 1 RM

Rest 2 min between sets


10 reps x 3 sets Barbell skull crusher at heavy weight


10 reps x 3 sets Cable tricep ext. Use heavy weight but be able to keep proper form.


10 reps x 3 sets Crock Row (this works upper back and trap).  Go up in weight each round.  Go heavy


10 reps x 3 sets T-Bar Row at heavy weight. use chest support row if possible but you can use barbell as well.


10 reps x 3 sets Reverse Fly @ 2 x 15-25 lbs.


Cool Down

5 min easy cardiovascular activity