Upper body

General Warm Up

5 Min Skierg or Air bike arms only (if available)


Daily workout: Oct 2, 2018

Upper body

Warm up

5 min Ski or Air bike arms only


25 dumbbell bench press

25 banded pull apart

25 behind the head tricep ext.

60 sec plank

4 x

complete in 15 min


3 RM Dumbbell Bench Press.

Work up to a 3 RM by doing 3 reps each round starting at 2 x 15 lb dumbbells


3 sets at the 3 RM dumbbell bench press


6 reps close grip barbell incline bench press @ 45-95 lbs

3 sets

Rest 60 sec between sets


20/20 Single arm dumbbell bench press


10/10 Single arm t bar row

3 Sets

Rest as little as possible

*these two movements are to be superset

**make sure core is engaged in both movements


Farmer carry @ 2 x 25 kg KB or 50 lb dumbbells


Bear crawl (forward and backwards)

60 feet forward and 60 feet backwards

5 Rounds.


Cool Down