Monday is always leg day!

General Warm up

5 Min bike @ easy pace


25 Stiff leg deadlift

25 Leg ext

25 Goblet squat or belt squat (if available)

60 sec weighted plank hold

4 x

complete within 15 min



“Single Movement Mind Fuck”

Back Squat @ 50-65% 1RM

This workout is 100 reps of one single movement.  You are to treat every rep as a single rep.  This means you need to set up, squat and rack each rep with perfect form.

The great part of this workout is that you get to practice form.


60 feet farmer carry @ 2 x 25 kg KB


Bear crawl 60 feet

+ 5 Toes to bar + 5 knees to elbow

5 Rounds

No rest


Cool Down

5-10 min on air bike