General warm up

10 Min @ moderate pace (ex: 2:30 split pace/60 rpm air bike/135-140 bpm run)


25 Air squat

25 Romanian Deadlift

25 Let ext.

60 sec Plank Hold with chain or plate on back

4 x

Complete in 15 min


Work up to heavy deadlift

Do this as you see fit, but it should look something like this:

10 @ 65 lbs

8 @ 95 lbs

5 @ 135 lbs

3 @ 185 lbs

Work singles to 1RM of the day.  If you have a PR in the tank, take it. Stop when you start to lose form and that is considered the Rep Max of the day.


5 Box jumps @ 24-35″ box

60 meter HEAVY farmer carry (2 x 60-90 lb dumbbells or KB)

8 Rounds

Rest as needed


10 med ball v up  (hold med call over chest, then sit up and touch toes to ball)

5 sets- go up in weight each set if possible.

Rest as needed


Cool down

10 min carido @ easy pace