Upper Body

General Warm Up

10 min cardiovascular work @ moderate pace.  This means 2:30/500 m split on row or ski,  55-60 RPM on air bike, 10 min mile pace for run.


2×5 PVC pipe pass through.


20 Neutral grip seated lat pull (if you don’t have cable this can be done with band)

20 Banded Tricep ext

20 Dumbbell Bench press

20 Banded Pull Apart

4 rounds

Complete in 15 min

use wight light enough so you can complete all reps consecutively


Work up to heavy 2 rep bench press.  If you have a PR in the tank, hit it! If not keep it at a heavy double.


Take a down set @ 70% 1 rM for 6 reps

3 sets

Rest 90-120 seconds between sets


10 Bent Over Barbell Row

10 Strict Press

10 Push Up

10 Pull Up

10 Rounds

Do this with as little rest as possible.


10 seconds sprint

50 seconds easy pace

10 Minutes

Bike, Row, Ski or run