General Warm Up

10 Min cardiovascular work @ moderate pace

Example of moderate pace would be 2:30/500 split pace on row or ski, 55-60 RPM on air bike or 10 min mile jog.


2 x 5 PVC Pipe pass through


20 wide grip lat pull down

20 Banded Tricep ext.

20 Dumbbell Bench Press

20 Reverse Fly

4 rounds

Complete in 15 min


10-1 Ladder

Bench Press

Bent Over Row

Strict Press

*Use weight you can complete 10 reps with.  As the reps get lower, the weight should feel lighter and you should be able to move faster.  This should be done for time.


20 Min Max reps

Pull Up (or plank pull if you can not complete a pull up)

Push Up


Keep track of reps


20 reps Weighted ab crunches

4 sets

Rest as needed


Cool down 10 min cardio of choice.