Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is not a day to take off! You need to train even if you just do a no gear workout at home.  In fact, why don’t I give you one so there are no excuses?

5 min jog or jump rope or jumping jacks to get warm


2 x 5 wall squat

2 x 20 air squat

2 x 20 meter lunge


30 seconds work

30 seconds rest

4 rounds

Then Rest two min

Set 1:

Frog Hop

*This means you will frog hop for 30 seconds, then take 30 seconds rest for 4 rounds (4 minutes)

Then rest for 2 min and move on to set 2.

Set 2:

Split Jump

*Also known as jump squats.  Make sure back knee touches the floor

Set 3:

Push ups

*If you can not touch your chest to the floor, incline your upper body on a bench or starts or a chair.

Set 4:


Set 5:

Air squat

*Make sure to reach depth

**Make sure to count all your reps! You are not allowed to decrease your reps.

Cool Down

Walk, jog, jump rope or any cardio of choice to cool down.