Upper Strength



General Warm Up

10 min row @ easy pace


3×5 Shoulder Dislocate


2x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Push Press @ 2 x 10# DB “Rest” is in Over Head Position
Three Sets, Rest 1 minute between each


Barbell Push Press

10-1 Ladder

Start @ 45 lbs bar and go up in weight each round.

Beginner add 2.5 lbs each round

Intermediate add 5 lbs each round

Advanced add 10 lbs each round

Rest 30 seconds between rounds


Max push up on box

Beginner use 20-24 inch box

Intermediate use 10-15 Inch box

Advanced use 4-6 Inch box

(You can also set a bar up in squat racks and lower the bar as you get stronger.)

2 Sets Max Effort

Rest 4 Min between sets

*If you can complete more than 20 reps, lower box or bar.


10 Lateral raise @ 10 lbs Dumbbells

20 Meter Farmers carry

Beginner use 2x 16 Kg Kettlebell

Intermediate use 2x 20 Kg Kettlebell

Advanced use 2x 24-36 Kg Kettlebell

5 Rounds


10 Knees to Elbow or Toes to bar

5 Rounds


Cool Down

10 Min easy cardio