General Warm Up

10 min row @ easy pace


3×5 Shoulder Dislocate


2x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Push Press @ 2 x 10# DB “Rest” is in Over Head Position
Three Sets, Rest 1 minute between each


10 Min Barbell Z press

Beginner use 35 lb bar (bella bar)

Intermediate use 45 lb bar

Advanced use 55 lbs

Every 30 Seconds shoot for 8-10 reps.  If you get fatigued and need to drop the reps that is ok, just don’t stop.  You can always decrease reps for a few rounds then increase them if you feel like that is possible.  The goal is to keep moving.



15 Ball Slam @ 10-25 lb ball

Bear Crawl 20 meters @ 2x Kettlebells or Dumbbell (use what you are comfortable with. Be careful with your wrists.  They need to be straight!

Use 25-70 lb weight in each hand.

5 sets

60 seconds Rest between each set


10 Push Up

5 Burpee Broad Jump

5 Rounds for time


Cool Down

10 Min easy cardio