General Warm Up

10 Min Row @ >2:30/500 Pace (2,000 m in 10 min)


3×5 PVC Pipe Pass Through, slow and controlled


2x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Push Press @ 2 x 5-10lbs Dumbbells. “Rest” is in Overhead position.

Two sets, Rest 60sec between each set


25 Pull-Up (negatives or use a band if unable to do full rep.  Use band if you are unable to keep scapular retraction for the negatives).

Do these in sets of singles or doubles or triples (we are looking for full rep and good form). This is not for time or supposed to be done as one max effort.  This is for volume and practice perfect dead hang, chest to bar Pull-Up.  Again, use negatives if unable to dead-hang, and make sure to take at least 3 seconds on the negative.

25 Push-Up (do them incline if unable to do from ground).

These are to be done the same way.  Perfect form for 1-3 or 4 reps.



Sit on the floor with bar or dumbbells in your lap, legs out in front on you.  Set timer for 30/30 for 10 min.  Every 30 seconds complete 5-10 reps (if you are using a 45lb bar, use less reps, if using a bell bar or 15 lb dumbbells then complete 10 reps).  This is being done for 10 min.  The faster the reps, the longer the rest time so try and go quick so you get a break before the next set.  If you are completing your last rep with only a few seconds before the next set, do a few less reps (we are looking for around 15 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest each round).


10-1 Ladder

Bench Press (Use 50 % 1RM)

Plank Pull


Bent Over Row (65-95 lbs. You can use dumbbells or barbell)

Standing Strict Shoulder Press (15-25 lb dumbbells)

Do 10 reps of each movement, then 9, then 8, and so on and so forth.

These should be set up as stations if possible.

This should be done for time!  (shoot for around 15 min)


5 min Farmer Carry or Hold (Use heavy weight)


Cool Down

10 Min Row @ >2:30/500 Pace (2,000 m in 10 min)