No Gear Workout

Jenny’s Math”:

Do the exercises in the order shown. Start with a warmup (exercises 1 and 2), resting, as needed. Then, move on to exercises 3A and 3B. Do 20 split jumps followed immediately by 50 meters of the bear crawl. That’s 1 round. Do a total of 5 rounds, rest for 2 minutes after, and then move on to exercises 5A and 5B. Follow the same procedure for exercises 5A and 5B, but only do 4 rounds. Rest. For exercises 7A and 7B, do 3 rounds. Finish with the Cool Down run.

1. Air Squat: 3 Sets, 20 Reps 2. Jump Squat: 3 Sets, 5 Reps 3A. Split Jump: 20 Reps
3B. Bear Crawl: 50 Meters

4. Rest: 2 Minutes
5A. Frog Hop: 20 Reps
5B. Bear Crawl: 40 Meters
6. Rest: 2 Minutes
7A. Burpee: 20 Reps
7B. Bear Crawl: 30 Meters
8. Cooldown Run: 10 Minutes