“I Can’t Sit Down”

Leg Day

General Warm Up

10 Min Row @ >2:30/500 Pace (2,000 m in 10 min)


5×5 Air Squat with 3 Second Pause at bottom

2×10 Lunges @ bodyweight.  Slow and controlled

5×5 Windmill @ 10 -20 lbs.  Can work up in weight


10-1 Back Squat/Front Squat ladder

10 Back Squat

10 Front Squat

9 Back Squat

9 Front Squat

All the way down to 1.

No Rest

This should be done at 50% 1RM.

Set a timer and keep track of length it takes you to complete.


30 Second Wall Sit

20-1 Walking Lunges

How this works:

Set timer for 3o seconds. After you wall sit for 30 seconds, complete 10/10 Lunges Then immediately

get back into wall sit! then complete 19 Lunges, then back into wall sit. Work all the way down to 1.


Cool Down

10 min Row, Ski, Bike or Jog @ Easy Pace