General Warm Up

10 Min Cardiovascular Work


2×5 Wall Sq

2×20 Air Squat

2×20 Meter Lunge


10 Goblet Squat

10/10 Weighted Lunge

10 Rounds

Beginner Use: 16 KG Kettlebell for Goblet Squat 45 lb barbell for Lunges

Intermediate Use: 24 KG Kettlebell for Goblet Squat, 65 lbs barbell for Lunges

Advanced Use: 63 KG Kettlebell for Goblet Squat, 95 lbs barbell for Lunges


30 Second Wall Sit

20-1 Walking Lunges

How this works:

Set timer for 3o seconds. After you wall sit for 30 seconds, complete 10/10 Lunges Then immediately

get back into wall sit! then complete 19 Lunges, then back into wall sit. Work all the way down to 1.