Daily Workout:

Upper Body Strength.

10 Min Row @ >2:30/500 meter split
or 10 Min 2,000 Meters
3×5 PVC Pipe Pass Through
2x(30 sec work/30 sec “Rest”) Push Press @ 2×5-10 lb Dumbbells. “Rest in Overhead position.
2 Seets, Rest 60 Secnds between each set.


5 sets of 5 Push- Up and 5 Pull-Up.

Chest to floor on toes for the push-up. If unable to do this, incline the upper body by placing hands on bench or place bar in squat rack (that way you can adjust the height).

If unable to do Pull-Up, Do negatives.  If unable to do proper negatives, use a band.

3 reps Close Grip Barbell Bench Press @ 75% 1RM.  This means the first finger is close to the smooth part of the bar.

Warm up to 75%  as you see fit.  Maybe something like this:

10 reps @ 45 lb bar

6 Reps @ 55 lb

then get into 3 reps.

Make sure to rest 2  min between sets.


8 Reps Seated Shoulder Press.

3 Working Sets.  This means you can do a round at a lighter weight to warm up.

Rest 90 sec-2 min between sets


10 reps T bar row. Make sure you use heavy weight, but not to compromise form.

10 Tricep Push down on cable machine (Use ropes for this and make sure to really extend and rotate at the end of the movement)


10 Pull Over @ 25-30 lb (go up if possible)


10 Dumbbell Bench Press

Superset all movements.

3 Rounds


Med Ball Twists

10/10 (10 each side) feet off the floor.


Banded Work:

100 Pull Apart

100 Face Pull

100 Tricep Ext.


Cool Down
10 Min @ 2:30/500 Meter Row
or 2,000 meter in 10 min.