Leg Day

Monday is always leg day.

10 Min Row @ >2:30/500 meter split
or 10 min 2,000 Meters
2×5 Wall Sq
2×10 Air Sq
2×5 Stiff Leg  Deadlift
10/10 Lunge (10 forward/ 10 backward)

Work Up to 1 RM Box Squat

I want you to do these like the video below.  Make sure your legs are at 90 degrees on the box.  Use plates or mats to build a low box up if you need to.

Warm up as you see fit.  Make sure to make big enough jumps to not waste energy, but you are getting enough in to warm up properly.

Stance is wide, shins are vertical (knees are not over toes)

8 Rep @ 95

5 Rep @ 115

3 Rep @ 125

3 Rep @ 155

3 Rep @ 195

Then start with singles.

Then, Keep adding weight until you can no longer lift with good form.


8×8 Deadlift

Warm up your Deadlift

(5 reps at 95 lbs, 3 reps a little heavier then get to your 75% 1RM)

8 Reps
8 Sets
2-3 Min Rest between sets.


Weighted Step Ups. Use 2 x KB and rack for more core engagement. use 16-20″ box.

6-8 Reps @ Moderate weight

3 Working Sets (this means if first set was too light, go up and start counting sets there)

1-2 Min Rest between sets


6-8 Front Squat

@ 45-75 lb bar. (This shouldn’t be too heavy)

3 Sets. Each set work up in weight if possible.

Superset this with

12 Hip thrusters.

Use 205-225 lbs (wrap bar with pad.  If you don’t have a pad, wrap it with a yoga mat or towel.  Anything helps)

3 Sets

Rest as needed


50 Meter Weighted Walk

Put 135-225 on bar on back.  Walk 50 meters (down and back in the gym)

3 Sets

90 Sec Rest between sets (take more time if you need it)


Cool Down

10 Min Cardio Row 10 min @ >2:30/500 m split pace (get 2,000 calories in 10 min)