Cardiovascular Work


General Warm Up

10 Min @ >2:30/500 split pace


Can’t Vs. Won’t

Set Rower or Skierg to Intervals Time

Set the timer for 30 seconds Work and 90 seconds Rest

Beginner start at 115 meters Round 1

Intermediate start at 120 meters Round 1

Advanced start at 130 meters Round 1

Each round player must go up one meter.


Round 1: 120 Meters

Round 2: 121 Meters

Round 3: 122 Meters

If you skip a round (go from 121 meter to 125 meters, you must continue and go to 126 meters)

Keep going unit you either can’t, or won’t.

If you go down, workout is over

Shoot for 12-15 Rounds


Cool Down

10 Min @ >2:30/500 m split pace