General Warm up

2×5 PVC Pipe Pass Through

2×10 Banded Pull- Apart

2×10 Strict Press, slow and controlled. 3 sec pause at the top.





10 Chin-Up

1 Strict Press

9 Chin-Up

2 Strict Press

And so on….

The only rest you have is moving from station to station.

Beginner use 45 lb barbell for Strict Press

Intermediate use 65 lb barbell

Advanced use 85 lb barbell


Max Effort Push Away

Set a bar in the squat rack, around thigh, knee or shin height depending on level of fitness.

Lower yourself to the bar (chest must touch bar, make sure it is the chest and not shoulders) then push yourself away.

*if you can get 20 reps, lower the bar.

3 Rounds. 4 Min Rest between rounds


10/20 Inverse Fly (rear delt)

10/20 Lateral Raise (side delt)

10/20 Front Raise (front delt)

You are going to use heavier weight for first 10 reps, then drop the weight and do burn out set for 20 reps.

3 Rounds of each.  Rest as needed (but try not to rest! These should burn)


10 Decline Sit Up

If you are able, hold plate for this.  Beginner hold 10 lbs. Intermediate hold 25 lbs. advanced hold 35-45 lbs.


Cool Down

10 min Cardiovascular activity