General Warm Up

10 Min Cardiovascular work @ moderate pace


50 Push-Up

50 Pull-Up (do negatives if unable to do them unassisted.  Make sure to get reps consecutive and don’t rest long between reps)

50 Dip (off bench or in dip bar. Use band under foot if unable to do them unassisted)


10-1 Ladder

Plank Pull

Dumbbell Bench Press @ 15-35 lbs

Bent Over Row @ barbell (65-135 lbs)

Push Press @ 2 x 20-45 lb dumbbells

Do 10 reps of each, then 9, etc.

Try and set this up into stations so you can go right from one movement right into another.


10 Min Turkish Get up @ 15-35 lb dumbbell or KB


10 Min Cool Down @ moderate pace