Happy Wednesday!

Time for some breathing!

Warm up 10 Min Row, Skierg or Run @ moderate pace


30 seconds work 90 seconds rest

Set Rower or Skierg to 30 seconds work and 90 seconds rest.  If you don’t have equipment you can run, you will just need to keep time with timer or on treadmill.

Each Round go up one meter.

Beginner start at 115 meters.

Intermediate start at 120 meters

Advanced start at 125-130 meters (just make sure you can get at least 10 rounds)

Make sure to pace yourself and only go up by one meter.  If you go up by 2 meters, you can not go back down.  Keep going until you can no longer get 1 more meter.

It should be around 10-20 rounds.


Cool Down 10 Min @ moderate pace