10 Min Warm Up @ moderate pace on cardio of choice.  Row, Ski, Bike, Jog, or Stairs can be used.


2×5 Shoulder Dislocate

2x (30 x 30 Push Press/Over Head Hold) You will push press for 30 seconds, then hold over head for 30 seconds two times, then rest 60 seconds, and repeat.


10-1 Ladder

Strict press

Pull Up (if you can no complete a pull up, you can do plank pulls/inverted rows)

For strict press beginners use bella bar or 30 lb bar, intermediate use 45 lb bar, advanced use 65-75 lb bar.

Complete 10 reps strict press, 10 reps pull up, then 9 of each, then 8 of each, all the way down to 1.

This should be done for time, so reps should be completed quickly and little to no rest between the two movements.


10 Min Max Push- Ups (use incline if you are unable to do a Push-Up)


10 x 100 Meter Sprints on Row or Skierg. These should be all out!

Rest as needed


Cool Down 10 Min Row, Ski, Bike, Stairs or jog.