General Warm Up

10 Min Cardiovascular activity of choice.

Row, Ski, Bike, Run, Stairs all done at moderate pace


2×5 Pvc Pipe Shoulder Dislocates


25 Strict Press (DB or Barbell depending on strength)

25 Dumbbell Bench Press

25 Tricep ext. on cable with rope attachment (skull crusher if no cable machine)

60 sec Plank

4 rounds

complete in 15 min.  Use weight light enough to get all reps down consecutively.


10 Dumbbell Strict Press

10 Push Up

9 Dumbbell Strict Press

9 Push Up

All the way to 1.


10 Renegade Row 2 x 15-35 lb dumbbells

20 Weighted curl ups

I set this up as a station.  I use one of the two weights from the renegade rows for the weighted sit ups.

5 Rounds.  Rest as little as possible


Cool Down 10 Min cardio of choice @ moderate pace