General Warm Up

10 Min @ Moderate pace cardiovascular activity


10 Kb Clean

10 KB Squat

10 KB Press

Do each movement 10 times to practice form.  Use one kettlebell and have both hands on the bell for all the movements.

Start light and work up to heavier weight.

Ex: first round use 12 kg, second round use 16 kg, and if you can go heavier do it! if not keep the 16 kg KB for working sets


10-1 Headcutter

1-10 Burpee

This means you must complete 10 reps Headcutter, followed by 1 Burpee.  Then 9 Headcutter and 2 Burpee.  Work down to 1 what the Headcutter and work up to 10 with the Burpee.


100x Weighted Abs. You can do weighted ab curl from cable machine, do curl ups with dumbbells, or weighted knees to elbows.