General Warm Up

10 min Cardiovascular work @ moderate pace


2×5 PVC Pipe pass through

2×10 Dumbbell Strict Press @ 2×10 lb dumbbells

2×5 Push Up


25 Pull Up

25 Push Up

Break reps up to keep good form

*If you can not do Pull ups, do negatives or plank pulls

*If you can not do push ups, incline upper body off bench


10 Strict form Lat Pull Down on cable machine


10 Incline dumbbell bench press

Rest 60 seconds

10 Sets

*Use moderate weight, but something you can get 10 reps with.  Make sure you are able to use proper form


“Dirty 30”

Use EZ bar or neutral grip bar for this if possible

10 reps Skull Crusher

10 reps Pull Over

10 reps Press Out

All consecutive reps.

No need for heavy weight here, this should be a burner


5/5 Knees to elbow with twist.  Raise knees up and twist at the top to hit obliques.

3 sets

Rest as needed


Cool Down

*A cool down is different for everyone.  If you want to flush with 10 min cardio, then do that! If you are someone who likes to roll your muscles out, then consider that the cool own.  We all need different things, and different things on different days.  If you do not know what works best for your body, do 10 min cardiovascular work to flush your muscles.