Dynamic Warm Up

25 Wide stance KB deadlift

25 hamstring curl (banded or machine)

25 Belt squat (if available) if not, goblet squat

25 Back Extension (if you don’t have equipment for this, do stiff leg deadlifts)

Use weights on all of these movements that are light enough to get all the reps

3 rounds

complete in 15 min


Work up to heavy trap bar deadlift

If you don’t have a trap bar, just do conventional deadlifts, or if you have access to KB’s do Suitcase deadlifts with kettlebells.


3 sets x 6 reps @ 75% 1 RM

If you do not know your 1 RM, work at a weight that reps 6 is close to failure.

Rest 3-4 min between sets


5 Goblet squats @ 20 kg KB or 40 lb dumbbell


5 Box squats @ 24-34″ box

5 sets

Rest 2 min between sets


10 sets of 10/10 Bulgarian split squat

total of 100 reps

No rest between sets, move from one leg to the other.


Cool Down 5-10 min cardio to flush muscles.  Jog, use bike or row @ moderate pace