Strength: Upper


25 Lat Pull Down wide grip

25 Skull Crusher

25 DB Bench Press

Use weight you can do 25 reps with, but is heavy enough to burn.


Floor Press

Work up to Heavy Floor press

10 @ 55 lb barbell or 2 x 15 lb dumbbell

8 @ 75 lb barbell or 2 x 20 lb dumbbell

6 @ 85 lb barbell or 2 x 25 lb dumbbell

4 @ 105 lb barbell or 2 x 30 lb dumbbell

2 @ 115 lb barbell or 2 x 35 lb dumbbell

Work singles until you can no longer lift.

*If you are unable to get to these weights listed above, take slower jumps or use the same weight for reps 8 and 6 reps, then jump up heavier for 4 reps.  Make sure you do what you are capable of doing.


8 Reps Elbows out ext. 2 x 15-25 lb dumbbells.  Start off light and work your way up to a weight you are capable of doing 8 reps with and use that weight for 4 sets.

Rest 60 seconds between sets.



10 Wide Grip Lat Pull-Downs. Use cable machine (use bands and PVC pipe if you don’t have access to cable machine.)

3 Sets

60 Sec Rest between sets.


12 Lateral Raise

12 Reverse Fly

12 Fly

Each movement is done in order with no rest. Use 2 x 5-15 lb dumbbells

60 Sec Rest between sets

3 Sets


6 Chin Ups

10 triangle Push-Ups (You can do these off a ball which I find to be easier on the wrists, and you can place the ball on box or bench if unable to do off the floor)


Weighted Sit Up (use plate, bar or ball).  You can do these off decline bench, GHD or on the floor.

30-60 Sec Rest between sets