Upper Body Strength


General Warm Up

10 Min Row @ >2:30/500 Pace (2,000 m in 10 min)


3×5 PVC Pipe Pass Through, slow and controlled


25 Seated Cable Pull Down Wide grip

25 Push Up off bench or bar in squat rack

25 Banded Pull Apart

4 Rounds

no rest

This should be done in 15 min


10/10 Single arm/unilateral Bench Press @ 75% 1RM

8 Sets

Rest 60 Seconds between sets


12 Skull Crusher

1st set goes to the forehead, 2nd set to the nost, 3rd set to the chin

3 Rounds

Rest 60 sec between sets


Max Reps Banded Pull down


Max Reps banded tricep ext.


Max Reps Banded Face Pulls

4 Sets

All superset


Cool Down