Daily workout: Aug 28, 2018

10 Min Cardiovascular work @ easy pace


2×10 Strict Press @ 2×10 lb dumbbells


10 Min Z Press.

Use bella bar, or if you don’t have one, use 10-15 lb dumbbells

How it works:

Use a timer and set it for 30/30 for 10 min

Every 30 seconds complete 10 reps

If you can not complete 10 reps in the 30 seconds, drop the rep number.  The faster you complete the reps, the longer the rest. So reps need to go fast!

The barbell or dumbbell must touch chest and arms must lock out.



Wall Ball

Ball Slam

Calories on Row or Skierg


50 Wall Ball

50 Ball Slam

50 Cal on Row or Ski

40 Wall Ball

40 Ball Slam

40 Cal on Row or Ski

Keep going to 10 of each.


Cool Down

10 min Cardio @ easy pace