Upper: Circuit


General Warm Up

10 min cardiovascular work @ easy pace


20 Seated Lat Pull v-grip

20 Dumbbell Bench

20 Banded Tricep ext.

20 Weighted cable crunch

4 rounds

Complete in 15 min


10 Strict Press @ 15-35 lb dumbbells (chose weight depending on fitness level)

10 Lateral Raise @ 10-15 lb dumbbells (use weight you can complete reps with)

10 Kick Back (tricep extension) @ 5-10 lb dumbbells (use weight you can complete reps with using proper form)

10 Push-Up (do these incline on a bench if unable to do chest to floor push up. Being on knees is not allowed)

10 Rounds

No Rest



Sit on the floor with bar or dumbbells in your lap, legs out in front on you.  Set timer for 30/30 for 10 min (you can also use an analog clock).  Every 30 seconds complete 5-10 reps (if you are using a 45lb bar, use less reps like 5-8, if using a bell bar or 15 lb dumbbells then complete 8-10 reps).  This is being done for 10 min.  The faster the reps, the longer the rest time so try and go quick so you get a break before the next set.  If you are completing your last rep with only a few seconds before the next set, do a few less reps (we are looking for your reps to take around 15 seconds so you get around 15 seconds of rest each round).


Max Effort Push Away.

Set a bar in a rack (you can use a box or a bench).  Place hands a little wider than shoulder width.  Lower yourself until you touch right under the bust to the bench.  Then Push away as hard and as fast as possible.  Do as many reps as possible, making sure to touch the chest at each rep. If you complete 20 reps or more, lower the bar in the rack a hole.  If you are using a bench, try and find something lower to use for the next round.

Do 3 rounds.  If you are still able to do more than 20 reps, Do an additional round until you are low enough and can only complete less than 20 reps.


Cool Down

10 Min Row @ >2:30/500 m split pace.