Leg Day


General Warm Up

10 Min Row @ >2:30/500 Pace (2,000 m in 10 min)


5×5 Air Squat with 3 Second Pause at bottom

2×10 Lunges @ bodyweight.  Slow and controlled

5×5 Windmill @ 10 -20 lbs.  Work up in weight


Work up to heavy Deadlift with weights 4 inches off ground.  You can do this by placing a bar in a squat rack or by placing mats or plates under the weights on the bar.

10 reps @ 95 lbs.

Working you way heavier making 10-20 lb jumps depending on strength level.

Hit 8 reps

Add more weight to the bar

Hit 5 reps

Keep adding weight until you can no longer hit 5 reps with good form.

Then at that weight, do 4 sets of 5 reps

Rest 3-4 min between sets


Work up to 75% of 1 RM on Back Squat.  (You can use Front Squat or Goblet Squat)

6 reps @ 75% 1 RM Squat

6 Sets

Rest 2 min between sets


10/10 Lunges @ 45 lb bar for beginner, 75 lb on bar for advanced.

5 sets.  Slow and controlled, using good form.  Back knee must kiss the floor (don’t hit it)


Max reps banded hamstring curl.  You can use hamstring curl machine if you don’t have bands, just use light weight or something you can get around 20 reps with.

3 sets


10 Pull Over Ab Crunch.  Can use band attached to top of squat rack or use cable machine.  Make sure to keep your back rounded and curl all the way forward squeezing abs as hard as possible.

5 sets


Cool Down

10 Min Row @ >2:30/500 Pace (2,000 m in 10 min)