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Lisa Maximus has rapidly emerged as a premier leader in the fitness community. Her holistic, no-frills approach to training mind and body empowers life changes in her students and ensures women train the “right way”. She is spirited, intelligent and highly competitive and is driven by the desire to instill confidence in women. The Lisa Maximus programs focus on simple yet powerful ideals such as healthy feeling good, the connection between a strong body and a strong mind, and why women’s training should differ from men’s

Personally overcoming body image issues and health challenges, and learning to balance fitness, career and motherhood, Lisa Maximus has become a highly sought after mentor and trainer. In her role as a mother and stepmother to two young boys, and loving wife of training legend Bobby Maximus, Lisa has gained invaluable experiences that allows her to relate to real life challenges her students face.

As the creator of a world class educational program, Lisa is an expert in developing programming protocols for female athletes in the gym community. She is also well versed in the creation and delivery of education workshops focusing on women's health issues.


Lisa is a certified instructor and holds an “Art Of Strength” certification in the art of kettlebells teaching. In the past she has also served as the head of the Women's program at Gym Jones and helped to create their Women's Specific Issues seminar. Her specialties include the psychology of training, nutrition, and the study of women's related issues. As a former equestrian, Lisa learned to balance discipline and hard work with compassion. Her love for horses and animals remains strong.

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