You eat right. You train. You rest. But you aren’t seeing the results you want or you feel like shit. Trust us, we understand your frustration. The challenges and failures from our past are what make us better mentors and trainers. Sharing vulnerabilities, secrets and lessons-learned empowers our students to be strong.

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Food is life. Unfortunately, understanding how to truly eat healthy is a problem many women face. We get it--there’s a deluge of blogs, videos and other chatter from “experts” on diet and nutrition. The Lisa Maximus mindful approach to food includes science, common sense and customization. Oh, and don’t forget flavor!



Being healthy doesn’t just come from lifting weights. It includes healthy relationships, nutrition, mental strength and fun. From hormones and parenting, to diet and sleep, our education and coaching help you find balance and empowers life changes.

We push your body to its limits but not to unhealthy extremes. Our holistic, no-frills approach to high-performance female training is a blend of art and science. We’ll teach you how to embrace, understand and love your body. After all, healthy should feel good!



At Lisa Maximus, we believe a strong body starts with a strong mind. To be the change agent in your life, mental strength, confidence and awareness are necessities. We help you become more aware of what your brain is telling your body, empowering you to take control of any situation life throws at you.



Train the Brain

A strong body and a satisfying life begins with a strong mind. We help you become more aware of what your brain is telling your body and how to belief in yourself. You are capable of much more than you think.

An Open Book

The trials and failures we’ve experienced make us better mentors and trainers. Sharing our vulnerabilities empowers you to be strong.


To see progress, you need to want it. We’re as committed as you are but we won’t work harder than you will. Get your shit together and let’s go to work.


Rachel Balkovec

Lisa and her team bring the heat with the Gym Jones Women Summit! There is plenty of great information but the real value comes in community, a tenacious mindset and empowerment. It was so refreshing to be around likeminded women who are pushing themselves to their limits. I left inspired and can’t wait until the next time that I get to connect with Gym Jones Women!

Sarah Jamieson

Women’s health and training is integral to our industry, and more importantly it’s a rallying point to empowering women through many stages of their life and sport. The Gym Jones Women’s Specific Training Seminar digs deep into the biology of training around women’s cycles, stages in pregnancy, postpartum and menopause--all of which should be part of a coach’s/trainer’s toolbox for women’s health. At 24 weeks pregnant I was able to participate at my own level in the workouts and felt confident with the leadership presented by both Lisa and Heather. I learned essential tools to deepen my mindset that I will continue to use through my birthing process, delivery and postpartum training.

Carmen Morgan

Lisa is warm, powerful, & real, all of which is reflected in her approach to fitness. She coached the topic of women & training in the most honest & refreshing way, broaching areas that many have shied away from. I learned a vast deal of essential information about my own body as a woman & how my training is impacted by various factors. I have eagerly applied this to my own training as well as my clients’ & couldn’t be happier with the new insight. I look forward to learning more through my continued relationship with Lisa. I am proud to call her a friend & colleague. Cheers to more incredible women like Lisa in the fitness field!

Danielle Jones

I've always been athletic. All my sports where outside of the gym though. Snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain bike riding, hiking, and all the other things that include the great outdoors. I have to admit that at first going into a gym and training with someone felt super out of my comfort zone. Lisa gets it though. She is a super passionate person that enjoys so much in life. She has helped me get stronger for all of my activities and has made me feel pretty amazing as well. From my training with Lisa I have been able to perform better in my day to day life and when I get out and get to enjoy all my passions. She really understands what my needs and wants are from my training. I couldn't be happier with her and her advice. I would highly recommend her to anybody out there that is ready to take their fitness to the next level and maybe have a few laughs in the way.

Missy Bunch

Wellness Educator
Working with Lisa and her staff was well worth it. As a female, I never understood the ebbs and flows of my body and never knew when I should be lifting heavy or taking it easy. It was always a wild guess and I was just "hoping" I was doing the right thing. I now have the crucial tools I need to know exactly what I should be doing and WHY. She did so much research and was well prepared for any question and was very passionate about it, being a mother herself. I now have science to back up why I need meat and chocolate during certain times of the month 😉 Haha!

Sam Pogue

Lisa MacDonald is a charismatic leader, fueled by her desire to not only help change her client's lives but also educate other fitness professionals on how they can help improve others’ lives as well. Not only does she bring a high level of energy and the ability to connect with others, but she also has the technical knowledge to back it up. As the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Senior Coach for Onnit, I have the luxury of attending a lot of continuing education and I can confidently say that Lisa is one of the best presenters I have had the honor of learning from.

Katie B

I cannot say enough good things about the amazing Lisa Maximus!!! I have learned more from Lisa in a year and a half than I’ve learned from any coach I’ve trained next to or under in my 12 years of being in the fitness industry. Even coaches need coaches, and there’s ALWAYS something more to learn. I look forward to every new program I get from her because I know it will have something new and challenging I’ve never done before. Her workouts not only challenge me physically, but mentally. Her knowledge is incredible and workouts hit every body part, including the lungs. But my favorite thing about Lisa is not just her killer programming, no excuses attitude or her inspirational practice what she preaches methods, but that she actually gives a shit. She truly cares that I understand, succeed and get better. That care and personal touch is what sets her apart and why I keep going back for more. I never thought I could have a coach who lives states away yet helps me more than any coach I’ve had living in the same town. She is legit, she’s kind, tough, caring and freaking BADASS. She’s my fitness inspiration and just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.



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